“Canadian Copyright Reform: History of the Future,” seminar for the Canadian Bar Association, Intellectual Property & Technology Sub-section in B.C. – sold-out talk presented on February 25, 2011

This presentation will examine the history of Canadian copyright law reform over the past decade, and identify trends that are likely to shape Canada’s copyright legislation and practice in the decade to come.  Canadian copyright law will be considered in its larger international context, with particular attention to the issue of compliance with the WIPO Internet Treaties.  Current copyright reform proposals will be examined, including the pending Bill C-32, and Canada’s situation will be compared with developments in major common-law jurisdictions, including the UK, United States, and India.  Areas to be examined will include digital reproduction and dissemination rights, shifting standards of originality, fair dealing and fair use, and moral rights.

“Moral Rights or Economic Rights: A Rose by Any Other Name?” – forthcoming July, 2012

This paper will appear as a chapter in the forthcoming book, S. Basheer & N. Wilkoff, eds., Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights, to be published by Oxford University Press (U.K.), in July, 2012.