Mira T.
Sundara Rajan


Mira has created and led two interdisciplinary and international conferences on issues involving copyright and technology. Participants came from the UK and across Europe, India, and North America. They were world-leading experts in their respective fields and senior professionals in policy and legal practice. In Glasgow, presenters also included talented emerging experts and recent LL.M. graduates supervised by Mira. Mira’s conferences were among the very first to include authors, artists, and creative professionals such as sound producers and museum experts in discussions of copyright law. The Glasgow event included musical sessions led by Dr. David McGuinness, a performer and scholar of historical music, and Professor Martha de Francisco, a renowned classical music producer who spoke on detecting forged recordings.  Mira’s conference at the Rodin Museum in Paris, held in 2019, was bilingual, in French and English, and Mira also carried out the moderating and translation required in the sessions.