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Consulting by Mira T. Sundara Rajan

Mira offers her services as a speaker, writer, media interviewee, and legal consultant. Her experience in all of these areas is substantial and international. She offers all of her services in the English and French languages, and may be able to work in other languages as needed.


As a legal consultant, Mira has advised governments, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, law firms, and prominent artists. Her experience includes drafting legislation and policies, preparing position papers, analyzing complex and cutting-edge intellectual property issues across multiple jurisdictions, and advancing new legal concepts. She is able to provide ready insight into problems and issues that are uniquely difficult, without precedent, or beyond the reach of non-specialists.


Mira’s colleagues consider her “one of the top five copyright scholars in the world,” and a “gifted” and “eloquent” writer. A leading intellectual property practitioner refers to her, quite simply, as “the best researcher in the world.”

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