Media Releases from Mira

Mira is quoted regularly in the print media, and on radio and television. She has appeared in publications such as the Globe and Mail, Maclean’s magazine, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, Canadian Press, The Hindu, Indian Express, New Indian Express, and Financial Times, and is regularly featured on CTV, Global News, and CBC Radio and Television in both English and French (Radio-Canada).

Mira is frequently interviewed for segments in radio and television programs, and in films, where she talks about classical music, literature, Indian National Poet Subramania Bharati, and her own biography, as well as legal matters.

Mira’s work has been featured regularly in the media, and she also writes regularly for the media.

Mira was the subject of a half-hour documentary about her work as a classical pianist produced by S.S. Music and broadcast nationally in India in 2008.