Robert K. Paterson’s book

Oxford University Press, New York: forthcoming 2010 Protection of First Nations Cultural Heritage: Laws, Policy, and Reform (Law and Society Series) Indigenous peoples world-wide seek greater control over tangible and intangible cultural heritage. In Canada, issues concerning repatriation and trade of material culture, heritage site protection, treatment of ancestral remains, and control over intangible heritage […]

Moral Rights and New Technology

Oxford University Press, New York: forthcoming 2010 Dr Mira T. Sundara Rajan’s new book, entitled “Moral Rights and New Technology: The Future of Copyright Law,” will be published by Oxford University Press in 2010. Moral rights are a special dimension of copyright law. They protect the personal rights of authors and artists to maintain the […]

Moral Rights: The Future of Copyright Law?

Frederick K. Cox International Law Center – Case Abroad at Home Lecture Co-sponsored by: Center for Law, Technology & the Arts, Case Western Reserve University School of Law This lecture will introduce the concept of the moral rights of the author, a special branch of copyright law dealing with the artistic, personal, and cultural interests […]

End of Year Summary

The program in Intellectual Property Law led by UBC’s proposed Institute for Intellectual Property Studies (IIPS) has had a highly successful Inaugural Year 2007-08. We look forward to an exciting new academic program this Fall, and invite faculty, students, and interested members of the IP community in Vancouver to join us for an exciting series […]

Oxford IP Moot – UBC in 2nd Place, 2008

Teams from law schools across the world converged on Worcester College at Oxford University this weekend for the 6th annual International Intellectual Property Moot. Our team fought fiercely through five rounds of mooting, each time switching between the claimant, a well-known Champagne producer, and the defendant, a newbie winemaker. At issue was whether there could […]