Mira T.
Sundara Rajan

Rodin Museum

Study Day on Moral Rights

Moral Rights and the Legacy of Rodin

While economic rights no longer subsist in the works of Rodin, their use remains subject to the requirements of moral rights. This specific element of French copyright law requires the perpetual protection of the creator’s attribution rights, as well as the protection of the integrity of the work. Our study day will be dedicated to this fascinating aspect of authors’ rights, in its French and international incarnations, in order to explore the potential contribution of moral rights to the protection of Rodin’s legacy from threats to its authenticity, and from piracy, for the benefit of the public. Among the topics that will be discussed, our expert speakers will address diverse aspects of moral rights protection for the visual arts from French, European, and international perspectives.

About the conference

The conference brings together experts from law, museum studies, and the arts to explore the conservation and dissemination of cultural heritage.


Participant list and biographies are available here.